“Looking for our home was an exciting yet stressful event. David’s attention to details, innate sense of our needs, and his ability to spot potential of a valuable investment beyond the obvious have really help reassured us that he has an inclination to protect our interest. His empathetic, personable and familial approach eased my anxiety, and his experience also ensures that we are getting the best possible service in his industry.” - E. Ho
DAVID是华人,可是他总给我不一样的感觉,他的眼神永远是清澈的,他对客户问题的回答永远是坦率的,而且他还非常追求完美。这和他在德国的教育及生长背景有关。日耳曼民族的一些优点伴随着华人的坚定与勤劳在他的身上融合得恰到好处。温哥华房地产市场如今鱼龙混杂,客户有不少怨言,可是如果您选择了DAVID,您可以将百分百的放心交给他。我,曾做过他的工作指导,我信赖他。 JANET ZHANG CFP CLU RHU CDFA 加拿大丹丘新移民信息服务公司董事长
David is very professional and proactive in my home purchase procedure. He provides all the necessary information even before I asked for it. I will definitely recommend David to my friends and family. - one happy customer
来温哥华,很感谢认识 闵先生。让我们用合理的价格买到称心如意的新居。 他不仅通晓大温地区房地产专业知识,极具专业精神。有问必答,有难必解 让刚移民到温哥华的我们如沐春风。 而且态度诚恳认真,与客户、房主之间实现良好沟通。 并且心思细密,下offer前全面充分准备材料,确保万无一失。 还善于掌握谈判技巧,让我们在众多竞争对手中脱颖而出,得到理想中的新居。V & T